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No other personal injury law firm combines more compassionate legal representation including an uncompromising commitment to getting our clients the largest possible financial compensation. What does this mean exactly? Our legal process is to minimize your involvement in the legal proceedings to make your life easier and less stressful. But behind the scenes, we’re tough negotiators, known for getting our clients high dollar settlements. When necessary, we have the experience to take defendants and their insurance companies to court to get the judgement you deserve.

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Kisha J.

“Thank you, S.O.S. Lawyers, for the amazing experience with your team, your services, and your understanding of the law to assist me with my case. From the moment I called your office, I was met with great service. Thank you for your patience in trying to get me to understand my options with my case. I also appreciated your honesty. I never felt that I was just speaking to a lawyer, but I felt that I was speaking to a person who was advocating for me and my rights. Thank you, Attorney Johnson, for a wonderful and successful experience.”

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A thorough understanding of the law is just part of what we provide to our clients.

Equally important is our:

  • Medical knowledge.

  • Our insight about how insurance companies work to intimidate malpractice and/or accident victims.

  • Our expert negotiating skills.

  • Our understanding about how to deal with opposing counsel.

  • And so much more.

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Wayne D.

This was my first experience having an accident. I can say Attorney Fred Johnson and his team made everything easy for me. They set up all doctor and physical therapy visits and kept me updated constantly about my case. I would tell family and friends to come to his firm. His team will take care of you.





Includes car, truck, boat, train, motorcycle, bus & rideshare cases.

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Includes equipment accidents, slips & falls, and more.

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African American family on couch with an amputeed man



Includes spinal cord injuries, loss of sight, hearing or limbs, burns, and emotional distress due to medical malpractice, accidents, etc



Includes lawsuits when a person dies or is killed due to negligence.

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Wendy S.

“The S.O.S. Lawyers aggressively handled my case after my car was hit by two other vehicles. The insurance company gave me the run around for weeks. The S.O.S. Lawyers were able to get me full value for my car. Also, they were able to get me three times as much as the insurance company previously offered me. I would recommend them to my friends and family. Actually, I already have. Thank you to The S.O.S. Lawyers!”

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I am The SOS Lawyer, F. Johnson, Esq. I personally come to each client because I value saving their time, expense, and I value letting each client know they deserve me coming to them, not the client driving to see an attorney the client may not ultimately retain; and I value showing the client how serious I'm about wanting to work for my clients. I begin and end the attorney client relationship respecting each and always committed to working hard and satisfying each client's legal needs. The best legal representation and the greatest compensation.

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Daniel P.

They Handle Things…

“Attorney Johnson and his lawyers knew exactly how to handle my case. They sent me to all the right doctors for my pain and suffering. They set me up with mental health treatment also. This help was needed because I kept having flashbacks after being hit by a semi-truck. They got me a huge compensation for my car accident.”

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Ms. Jones

I cannot say enough about how Atty Johnson went above and beyond for me and my family.

He really cares about his Clients and he has a huge heart.


He came to my bedside while I was in the hospital and really listened to what I had to say. He told me not to worry, we will not settle your case unless the insurance pays you what you deserve.


My family and I are blessed to have chosen the SOS Lawyers and Atty Johnson to represent us, because not only did he settle my case for $250,000.00, the Policy Limits, he also got my family $150,000.00. That’s $400,000.00! 

Attorney Johnson, thank you, may God bless you and the S.O.S. Lawyers.


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