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A photo of Fred Johnson, ESQ.

The S.O.S. Lawyers make it their business to assist our clients through the navigation of some of the scariest and most stressful moments of their lives. 40 years of experience, we have been committed to providing remarkable service while demanding “fair play and justice” for our clients. We pride ourselves in being client driven and ensuring that all clients feel that their case is important no matter how big or small. Our team is built with some of the best medical professionals. Our lawyers always investigate the facts of loss to make the best argument because you deserve the highest compensation. We work for you, and we do not get paid unless you get paid. 


The SOS Lawyers are not only committed to each client, but we are also committed to the communities we serve. We partnered with KJLH, Spectrum TV, The Single Mom’s Empowerment Forum, and Girls for Change, and go out of our way to collaborate and work with other black businesses to enlighten and put the community first. The S.O.S. Lawyers provide our communities’ college bound youth with scholarships, we distribute food in the “The S.O.S. Lawyers Turkey Giveaway” to those in need during the holidays, provide free legal services at KJLH’s Women’s Health Expo and Men’s Empowerment Summit, we sponsor concerts for the community (including The Long Beach Jazz Festival), we give to local youth charities, and we ensure that when a United States Veteran needs our services, we provide it at a discounted rate. We are not just fighting for our clients; we also fight for the success of our entire community.


Lead Attorney, F. Johnson, Esq. grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. during the height of the Civil Rights movement, in a close knit African American Christian family.  He knew early on that he wanted to do something to transform his community to get everyone equality and justice. With this burning fire inside of him, he went on to graduate from Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, and later, joined the United States Marine Corps.


Serving in the Marines had a profound impact on his life: he learned the importance of being a dependable and honorable person. Although serving in the United States Marines somewhat isolated Attorney Johnson from many of the problems in big cities, including crime, drugs, and too many blacks discriminating against themselves—too often avoiding doing business with each other—and unwilling to account for everything that comes from Black self discrimination; Attorney Johnson never forgot about these conditions, so after being honorably discharged from the Core, and returning to Los Angeles, he once again committed himself to doing everything humanly possible to address and bring about an end to these problems, especially, the lasting damage to black children.


Growing up as a Christian family, he learned that it is God’s Blessings When You are Able and Willing to Be Your Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keeper. Fred was commissioned to be part of the solution, and to make a difference in the lives of those who needed his help in his community. Although initially planning to pursue a career as a defense attorney, Fred says, “I felt an urgent need to consider representing clients in vehicle accident cases when an insurance company refused to treat my brother fairly after he sustained severe injuries in a bad car accident”. With this new decision to become a Civil Litigation Attorney, Fred graduated college from California State University of Long Beach with distinction; he served as a peace officer, an investigator, and later graduated from American University Law School with a Juries Doctorate.


Fred has joined many organizations, including Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, arguably the most influential plaintiff’s attorney organizations in America.


Attorney Johnson cares tremendously about his clients, his community and most of all, he cares about his three children and 10 grandchildren (who are the driving force behind all his dedication and support to youth charities and scholarships). With eight granddaughters and two grandsons, he believes that leading as an example is the best way to be a mentor. He is honest and fair and will listen to the facts of your case.  


Attorney Johnson and his S.O.S. Lawyers (The Law Offices Fred Johnson) have had much success as your community lawyers by building strong client connections and relationships, offering the best legal advice, securing the best medical treatment, favorably resolving client’s cases, and making clients feel comfortable while getting them millions of dollars in the process.   

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